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SOLUTIONS RH + EMPLOI is a company providing temporary staff wich is specialize in the provision of temporary staff. Today, we have a different approach to the treatment of staff of outsourcing staff sector. With us, temporary work activities are:

  1. Consists in a working session with our client in order to anticipate certain events that will mark the management of each staff and which can affect not only the satisfaction of the client and the worker, but especially our brand image.
  2. Consists in managing the entire recruitment process or activity, i.e. receiving the client's needs, analyzing their needs and finding profiles, written and verbal recruitment interview and finally report from each interview .
  3. Consists in providing employment contract, job description and ensure the employment contracts are signed by the workers.
  4. Before taking up their duties, each worker is submitted to initiation sessions including aspects of health insurance, the CNPS, legal and contractual obligations, QHSE rules, etc.
  5. This step consist of ensuring the daily management of each staff in accordance with the framework contract and the law in force. These are: the application of disciplinary sanctions, registration with the CNPS, incorporation into the insurance policy, management of claims and complaints for each worker and each client.
  6. This involve managing the entire salary process in accordance with the law in force
  7. We evaluate each employee in accordance with the job description signed and define the points to be improved by training in order to ensure the performance of each employee.
  8. We ensure, in accordance with the law in force, the follow-up of the automatic progress and the promotions which can occur at the end of the periodic evaluations.
  9. The customer is our priority. At the end of a defined period, we carry out an evaluation of the customer relationship in order to reassure ourselves that we are up to its expectations. In addition, we are extending this survey to workers in order to evaluate their level of satisfaction since customer satisfaction is conditioned by that of the workers. At the end of these surveys, we note the gray areas to be improved and we work to put in place the means necessary to meet the challenge.
  10. This step consist in managing each end of contract termination while preserving the rights of each parties (SOLUTIONS RH+EMPLOI SARL, the client and the workers


We Master the payroll calculation and limit the risks linked to managing your payroll with the following goals:

  • Master the regulatory framework of tax calculation and social deductions
  • Master the management of payroll
  • Master of the payroll management tools
  • Monthly payroll reporting
  • Payroll risk management
  • Payroll optimization


Recruiting staff in all organizations is and will remain a very important process for achieving the performance of the whole company. For this we must make use of various means and tools to carry out this mission. In order to meet your expectations and ensure your satisfaction, here is our approach :

  • Receipt and analysis of your recruitment needs
  • Work with you on the specifics of the position to be held
  • Make external publications and research in our internal databases
  • Collect, review and shortlist CVs
  • Interview candidates who match the job profile
  • Submit the shortlisted candidates to the appreciation of the client
  • Final interview with the candidates pre-selected at the client
  • Check the background of the candidates (morality inquiry)
  • Final choice of the client
  • Final report


We commit to facilitate the socio-professional integration of young graduates without professional experience in companies in order to offer them a bright professional future.


Immigration Services

Production of Resident Card, Work permitted and Expact Contract Visa