• Recruitment process

    Welcome to the candidate recruitment area With us, when you apply, the recruitment stages are as follows:

    • I- Submit your application in response to a job advertisement on this site;
    • II- An automatic acknowledgment email will be sent to you by email;
  • III- If you are not contacted within 02 weeks following the expiry date of the job advertisement, it is because your application certainly does not correspond to the profile sought at the end of the systematic processing process for applications received.

  • IV- On the other hand, if your application is accepted, you will be contacted at the latest within 02 weeks following the expiry date of the job advertisement for the amicable definition of the interview date in order to explore your application further.

  • 1-Channel

    The interview with us takes place either in person or remotely via available and known digital means. In choosing the channel, we take into account the factors that can facilitate the exchange between the employer and the candidate.

    2- Process
    • Step 1: The oral interview;
    • Step 2: Psychotechnical Test;
    • Step 3: Back-ground check-up.

    V- At the end of the job interview, whatever the outcome, the candidate receives an SMS from our company notifying them of the final decision and the corresponding reasons. The time frame for this return will depend on operational requirements and contingencies.